Blizzard Bags

The following assignments will be used for our Blizzard Bag day.


Blizzard Bag #1
Work on the "Applications of Trig #1" packet. You are to do the first ten questions on both the Multiple Choice and Short Answer sections. I will be grading some for accuracy and the rest for completion. 

Blizzard Bag #2 
Takes notes on section 9.1. If you don't have your textbook, use the following link to open up the Power Point presentation for this section. This work will be checked like a normal homework assignment. 

          Sequences and Series Power Point

Calculus -

Blizzard Bag #1
Complete the following Worksheets. One will be graded for accuracy (show ALL your work on both sheets) and the other for completion for a regular Homework grade.

Calculus Review #77

Calculus Review #76

Blizzard Bag #2 
Work on the Area and Volume worksheet.

Area and Volume - Disks

Watch the two videos on Functions and Trig and then answer the questions from the book.



Page 35 #18, Page 36 #6,14,18,30,32,46,47 and Page 39 #10

Algebra II - S

Blizzard Bag #1
Do the following Review sheet.

          Review - Linear Systems

Blizzard Bag #2 
Do the following worksheet on Solving Multi-Step Equations. You do not need to print out the worksheet, you can simply copy the problems down and do them on a separate sheet of paper. This work will be collected and graded for accuracy.

Solving Multi-Step Equations

Algebra II - CTP

Blizzard Bag #1
Watch the following video on the Quadratic Formula and attempt the worksheet. It is not necessary to print the document you can just write the problems down. This work will be colec.

          Video for the Quadratic Formula
          Worksheet for the Quadratic Formula

Blizzard Bag #2 
Finish the Review on Linear Systems - You still have your test on Friday.

Review - Exponents and Logarithims

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